What’s Working in B2B Lead Generation

According to a December 2011/January 2012 study from BtoB Magazine, the online marketing tactic that is best at generating leads is email.  That’s the view of 60 percent of B2B marketers, as reported by eMarketer. In comparison, just 48 percent of agencies identified email as the top lead generator.

We already discussed why email is so well regarded in our Jan/Feb issue of Second Wind Magazine (Email and Social – The New Marketing Team). We also noted the growing trend toward integrating social media marketing with email to both capture leads through social channels and build social momentum and sharing via email. It’s the agency’s function to ensure that cross-channel integration is a part of client marketing.  Marketers are getting better at integration, but many still “silo” marketing functions and fail to increase effectiveness through social-email integration.

As you work with clients who want to increase leads, guide them toward email best practices, smart integration tactics and good analytics. The tools are there, but we’re still learning how to bring them into sync.

Read eMarketer’s coverage here or learn more about the BtoB study here.