What’s Working in Time Keeping

As commissions and mark-ups dwindle, time sheets and time billing are an important part of agency life these days.  Keeping a good record of time incurred against jobs and estimates helps to keep the agency from overrunning the allotted time.  To do this, turning in time sheets on a regular basis is mandatory.  But many agency managers have trouble getting the team to respond.

One Second Wind member was so tired of using a “hammer” to collect time sheets every day that he decided to try another method.  Instead of barking, nagging and complaining about time sheets not being turned in, he put forth an incentive. 

"I just put $10,000 into a party fund", he wrote to the agency.  "This Christmas we’ll have one hell of a party, spouses and all – fine dining, lots of libations, a band, the whole works.  One caveat…each time you don’t turn in a time sheet on time, I deduct $5.00 from the fund, and record it against your name."

Guess what?  Within a week everyone was dutifully turning in time sheets.  Pretty cool, huh? 

No word on how the party was, but we’ll keep you posted.